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New stylish perfumery online shop

All works FashBerry
  • FashBerry is a fresh brand in the perfume shops market. We dealt with the overall project development from naming and brand concept onto the discount and bonus system development; and the very software component of the shop as well.

  • The FashBerry logo consists of one main and 3 additional elements illustrating the brand name: 4 bright&brilliant berries – blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and dewberry – with the last one as the main element of the logo.

  • FashBerry
  • Its well-thought navigation and interface of the site provide visitors with quick and comfortable surfing: categories and goods are found in no time. Color- and gender-based classification of items helps to differentiate items for men and women easily. Besides, some unique user services are developed and applied to set the FashBerry shop apart among other perfume shops.

  • Attractive sign-up page:

  • A catalogue page for woman:

  • An item card with description, volume options, list of other items in the line with possibility to add the item to favorites or recommend it to a friend in a social network.

  • There is internal calendar in the shop with dewberry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry days marked. Dependent on the day of your registration you get a discount.

  • Notification Letter which is sent when a Wish List product appears in stock:

  • The Gift Cards department has rich and festive design to fulfill its intent:

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