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Love Forever

A chain of wedding and evening fashion shops in Moscow

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  • Love Forever is a chain of wedding and evening fashion shops in Moscow with the best in the market segment web site: we’ve done our best to make it look better than any of its business rivals. With its lively and atmospheric main page, quick and handy catalogue pages, tons of tight-knit details it’s just the flagship website.

  • Depending on the search query, a relevant theme of the main page is shown:

  • The item page is hassle-free, refined and full of information:

  • You can scroll quick item description cards without leaving the catalogue:

  • You can always add all items you like to your Favorites List and think over them later or share it with your friends. If your Favorites List is empty, you’ll be reminded of that:

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  • Using an old version browser? You’ll have to break up with it to enter the site:

  • We created design (which you can see on screens above) and whole programming part of the project. All further modifications, changes and development are making by clients and 3rd part companies.

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