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Russian Brand New web shop for growers

All works EasyGrow
  • EasyGrow is a brand new and now probably the best web shop for growers in Russia. A convenient website structure allows you to find items of any category and brand. We’ve created main structure of the project, made unique web design of all pages and elements and done front- and back-end programming as well.

  • First level catalogue page:

  • Second level catalogue:

  • Detailed brand page with its info and goods:

  • An example of a detailed product page:

  • Another example of the page depending on the item type:

  • Fast adding to the basket items with different parameters just from the catalogue, homepage or any site page without reloading:

  • Beautiful and informative basket page:

  • Two clicks registration process:

  • Another example of a beautiful page is order steps:

  • We’ve got something for affiliate partners too:

  • And order history page for common customers also:

  • Detailed page of delivery and payment:

  • Here is "shit happens page":

  • Official opening is coming soon.

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