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New Tumblr 2015

Our view on the best blog platform's logo design

All works New Tumblr 2015
  • Tumblr is the only social service recognized by Unlikers. Tumblr ideology and service capabilities are the closest to the idea of the absolute self-expression freedom. Tumblr is great but it has one serious drawback. And here we try to make things better:

  • New Tumblr logo is simple, friendly and sexy:

  • We've kept well-known Tumblr colors:

  • And we’ve made it possible to use the light version also:

  • Let's shake it:

  • New logo also looks great in modern Tumblr web and mobile interfaces:

  • Short introduction to what Tumblr is all about:

  • New logo helps to promote big events through itself:

  • Letter transformation from the old to the new logo:

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